Accelerating Data Roaming Bundles for Enhanced Customer Experience

Rolling out new international data roaming campaigns poses a challenge to operators worldwide. With local offers taking priority, international roaming managers are hard-pressed to launch new data bundles and campaigns when they rely on the same business support systems used for domestic traffic. data roaming bundles

By partnering with a carrier-grade service provider like BICS, operators can simplify operations by implementing an end-to-end solution for their data roaming bundles and campaigns, including complete control and management of upkeep and continued service rollout once live. Operators can rely on BICS to perform all system additions and adjustments. In doing so, they can eliminate technical and commercial complexity from the international data roaming business, allocating more time to ramping up their marketing efforts and accelerating bottom-line growth.

BICS’ Data Roaming Control solution enables operators to optimise the subscriber data roaming experience while maximising outbound data roaming revenue growth without adding overheads from new hardware or software. Via the intuitive interface, marketing teams can easily initiate and roll out new data roaming campaigns for different use cases—no technical expertise is necessary.


Stimulate data roaming uptake with tailored and intuitive bundles data roaming bundles

Marketing teams can instead focus their attention on designing new attractive data roaming plans for their different subscriber profiles and communicating them via targeted campaigns. Through an initial welcome SMS that is shared with subscribers on arrival, operators can provide a direct link to a secure data purchase portal where they can instantly browse and purchase the right data plan, and begin roaming within minutes. Operators can also opt for a silent roaming campaign to notify subscribers who have not activated their data roaming after a set time of arrival, or they can provide helpful reminders of previously purchased plans.

With BICS Data Roaming Control, operators can be assured of a high quality of service and a personalized experience for their subscribers, which also includes bill shock prevention. All data consumption is monitored, meaning subscribers who reach their threshold will be notified of either a quality of service change (throttling) or of how to immediately top up.

Finally, for international roaming managers to see how their data roaming business is performing, in-depth graphical reporting is available in near real-time (with a maximum delay of just 15 minutes). Operators can examine the performance of their data roaming campaigns in detail, check on the sales performance of data roaming plans over time, and extract exact revenue figures to inform new growth opportunities. data roaming bundles


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