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Czech Prime Minister weighs in on ‘excessive’ mobile data prices

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is continuing discussions with representatives of three Czech MNOs, T-Mobile Czech Republic, O2 Czech Republic and Vodafone Czech Republic, on what the government calls excessive mobile data prices.
The meeting was an indirect follow-up to the extensive wholesale market analysis published recently by the regulator CTU. The regulator finds that the operators act in tacit collusion and do not compete, as was the case in 2012 before the entry of MVNOs and the voice tariff  “revolution”.
Comparison site Cable.co.uk found that in the Czech the average price per gigabyte for mobile data was $4.91. It puts the Czech Republic in 107th place out of 230 countries. This price is based on buying SIMs with data on them. The cheapest Czech SIM was just $1.76  while the most expensive was 8.78 $ per gigabyte (research was based on 22 plans in Czech Republic).
The most expensive place in the world to buy mobile data is Zimbabwe, where the average cost of 1GB is USD 75.20 – 289 times as much as in India.
The cheapest mobile data in Western Europe is in Finland, where the average price of 1GB is USD 1.16. Monaco (USD 1.21) is the second cheapest in Western Europe followed by Denmark (USD 1.36) and Italy (USD 1.73). The UK (USD 6.66) is the 16th cheapest in Western Europe and 136th cheapest in the world.

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