any bank work with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Curve makes any bank work with Apple Pay or Google Pay

The customer demand for contactless payments is growing, but not all banks are up to the task. Luckily, Curve is there for you (even when your bank isn’t)  any bank work with Apple Pay or Google Pay

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More and more people are leaving their wallets behind on purpose and choosing to use their phone or smartwatch to pay for pretty much everything. But not every bank is meeting this demand for contactless payments. In fact, there are still thousands of banks and credit card providers across Europe that don’t yet support Apple Pay or Google Pay. Customers have no choice but to use their physical cards. Unless they have a Curve, that is.

Curve enables customers to make almost any card work with their phone or smartwatch. Even in those cases where doing so is usually impossible, customers just have to link their bank account to the Curve app, and can then easily add their Curve card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. We saw the power of this clever little “phone hack” recently with DNB’s acquisition of SBank in Norway, which left thousands of customers without access to Apple Pay. After an article highlighting how Curve could offer a solution, we saw a 5200% spike in sign-ups from the Scandinavian nation (Takk skal du ha, Norway!) This jump reflects the growing consumer trend towards cardless payments, which has been on a steady incline since the launch of Apple Pay in 2014.


What about Samsung customers? any bank work with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Curve has a special partnership with Samsung, powering its Samsung Pay card to give Samsung Pay customers the same payment functionality as their Apple Pay rivals, with additional benefits on top. With Curve, Samsung Pay customers can earn cashback on top of rewards they get with their underlying bank or credit card. E.g. if they get 1% cashback with Chase Bank and earn 5% cashback with their Samsung Pay card, they can earn 6% cashback on the same transaction. It’s what’s known by points-obsessives as “cashback stacking”. Curve also allows Samsung Pay users to Go Back in Time® and switch payments from one card to another after a purchase has been made. I can’t do that with Apple Pay! Customers also benefit abroad, with Curve eliminating travel fees for Samsung Pay customers, giving them more reason to choose Samsung Pay over Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Learn more about how to link your Curve card to your phone or device here https://curve.kustomer.help/categories/digital-wallets-rkGpRGi2_


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