Culinary tourism

Culinary tourism market size to grow by USD 126.28 billion from 2022 to 2027

The global culinary tourism market is at its growing stage. This implies that the market in focus is characterized by a rising preference for culinary tourism, an increase in integrative culinary and cultural events, and the positive influence of digital media on culinary tourism.

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The world’s culinary tourism market was dominated by the food festival category and this trend will last throughout the forecast period. Food festival offers tourists a whole new level of experience that focuses on attending culinary events and enjoying various food festivals. People who travel the world in search of culinary experiences to deepen their understanding of food culture or lifestyle also participate in food festivals, Technavio reports. Thus, the food festivals market category in the global culinary tourism market is expected to grow throughout the forecast period due to rising food tourism activities.

According to the data stated by The World Bank Group, in 2021, the population aged 65 years and above in Italy, Germany, the UK, and France was 24%, 22%, 19%, and 21%, respectively, of the total population. This population prefers tailormade and multigenerational vacations to enjoy the variety of local cuisine along with other activities with family. The increasing demand for such travel experiences, especially among baby boomers as well as the millennial population, is expected to boost the growth of the overall market in Europe during the forecast period.

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Leading Drivers: The rising preference for culinary tourism is notably driving the market growth

Many people are switching from traditional tourist activities to luxurious tourism, which includes gourmet tourism. Some of the most popular travel locations are the US, the UK, GermanyFranceChinaAustralia, and Spain. During the projection period, it is anticipated that these nations would have an increase in domestic and international travelers from all over the world, which will help the market develop. The development of tourism infrastructure in developing nations like Sri LankaIndia, and Mexico is also anticipated to boost market growth throughout the forecast period.

Key Trends: Focus on data harnessing for personalized guest experience is the key trend in the market

In order to maintain their market shares and offer customers fresh, cutting-edge services, restaurants and hotels are constantly coming up with new strategies. Additionally, some hotels look up the social media accounts of VIP guests to learn more about their tastes. Similar to other businesses, hotels use surveys, internet browsing habits, purchase histories, marketing engagement, and loyalty programs to draw in and keep customers. Additionally, several hotels, including the Four Seasons chain of making accommodations for late or early arrivals so that tourists can get right to work on their plans without having to lose time. These actions performed by hotels are anticipated to increase demand during the forecast period.

Major challenges: The growing threat of terrorism among tourists is the major challenge impeding market growth

The growing incidence of terrorism has a negative impact on the worldwide travel and tourist industry. Terrorist attacks have been common in ManchesterLondon, Barcelona and Istanbul over the previous five or six years. Terrorism leads to increased border clearance, including delays and more thorough inspections. It also raises the price of reinsurance and insurance. Passenger fares also rise due to the rising military, technological, and other expenditures for border and airport security, as well as for intelligence and law enforcement. Therefore, the high cost of traveling combined with people’s life-threatening worries may hinder the market’s ability to increase its revenue throughout the projection period.

Europe will account for 32% of the market’s growth during the forecast period

Culinary tourism is growing in popularity, particularly among leisure and recreational travelers. The top countries in Europe for culinary tourism are GermanyFrance, and the UK. The main reasons propelling the market’s expansion in this region include the rise in the number of culinary tourists visiting and the accessibility of luxury cruise experiences. During the projection period, the overall market in Europe is anticipated to rise due to the rising desire for travel experiences, particularly among baby boomers and millennials.

The most prominent vendors that offer culinary tourism in the market are:

Vendors are implementing various strategies, such as strategic alliances, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, geographical expansion, and product/service launches, to enhance their presence in the market.

  • G Adventures
  • Gourmet On Tour Ltd.
  • Greaves Travel Ltd
  • Heritage Group
  • India Food Tour
  • International Culinary Tours


  • Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc
  • The FTC4Lobe Group
  • The Travel Corp
  • Top Deck Tours Ltd
  • TourRadar GmbH
  • ITC Ltd




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