Cuba Gives Its Citizens Full Mobile Internet Services

Outdoor wi-fi hotspots are popular in Cuba but often overcrowded and with slow connections

Starting tomorrow, December 6th, everyone in Cuba with 3G-capable phones will gradually be able to access the internet.

Cuba is finally giving its citizens full access to the internet on their phones. It’s one of the last countries in the world to do so.

Cuba’s state-run telecommunications company ETECSA made the announcement on Tuesday. Starting Thursday, everyone in Cuba with 3G-capable phones will gradually be able to access the mobile internet.

The Associated Press reports until now, the only internet access Cubans have had on their phones is a state-run email account. Just last year, the Cuban government rubber stamped home internet access.

Nearly half of the Caribbean country’s 11.2 million residents have mobile phones, although not all will be able to afford to access the internet on them.

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The cost will be excessive for many Cubans as the average state wage is around $30 a month, with many people relying on relatives abroad sending money or side gigs to get by.

ETECSA executives announced a range of packages valid for 30 days from 600 MB for the equivalent of $7 to 4 GB for $30. Without a package, 100 MB will cost users $10.

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