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Ctrip Partners with 30K to Bring Frequent Flyer Benefits to Chinese Users

Ctrip announced a new partnership with 30K, the world’s leading frequent flyer content provider, to bring flight mileage benefits information to its users. Ctrip benefits

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The information is displayed within the fare details section on the search results page as well as within the ‘unsellable fares’ section on the booking section. The feature is available on Ctrip’s Chinese language website and mobile apps.

Mr. Xiong Xing, Ctrip Group CTO and CEO of Ctrip’s Flights and International Business Units, said: “Chinese travelers are becoming more sophisticated. Additional value-added information such as aircraft type, seat configuration and accruable frequent flyer mileage are increasingly becoming important decision-making factors when they select airlines for their journeys. This partnership with 30K enables us to provide accruable mileage information for each selected fare and can help encourage travelers to upgrade. This is also a welcome development for airlines, as OTAs provide more valuable options to travelers and create further opportunities for upselling.”

Alex Jawad, the CEO and Co-founder of 30K, said, “Frequent flyer programs are growing around the world as travelers seek value and rewards for their air travel loyalty. At the same time, the Chinese travel audience continues to expand exponentially. Ctrip has recognized the accelerated sophistication of this ever more important demographic by offering its valuable high-frequency travelers a de-commoditized experience.”

Ctrip joins a long list of meta search engines across the world including Hipmunk from the USA and Ixigo from India, which have partnered with 30K this year. Ctrip is 30K’s first Chinese customer and the largest travel retailer to integrate its Milefy API to date. Ctrip benefits



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