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Crypto.com Plans Global Institutional Expansion With Fireblocks

Fireblocks announced that it has integrated Crypto.com into the Fireblocks Network, the largest and most active digital asset transfer network for institutions. As institutional interest continues to play a vital role in the crypto ecosystem, this integration will allow Crypto.com to expand their reach to over 400+ institutional participants through the Fireblocks Network, which includes some of the biggest global banks, liquidity providers, OTCs, hedge funds, and asset managers. Crypto.com app

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“Being onboard the Fireblocks Network will allow Crypto.com to increase the company’s institutional trading volume, and overall presence at a global level. We have already transitioned to Fireblocks for our internal treasury management system, and the Crypto.com Exchange integration with the Fireblocks Network is another step in creating a secure infrastructure for institutions to enter the digital asset space,” said Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer of Crypto.com.

The Crypto.com Exchange features the fastest matching engine in the industry, supporting 2.7m transactions per second, ultra-low core latency of 50 microseconds, and 5ms end-to-end for consumers. In addition, Crypto.com Exchange is powered by CRO, features deep liquidity, low fees and best execution prices.

Since launching in June 2020, the Fireblocks Network has grown 627%, amassing over 400 participants who are actively moving assets across and in between 30 of the worlds largest digital asset exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, FTX and more. Now, members of the Fireblocks Network have secure exchange connectivity and instant settlement on Crypto.com from one central platform.

We are excited that exchanges like Crypto.com are seeing real value in our institutional network, and understand the pivotal role that it can play in strategic growth and expansion plans,” said Michael Shaulov, Chief Executive Officer of Fireblocks. “The Fireblocks Network not only allows for a more secure and seamless way to transfer assets, but also serves as a discovery venue for the most active institutional participants in the digital asset space.”

Currently exceeding over $700B in transfer volume, Fireblocks’ all-in-one platform is designed to increase operational efficiency and heighten the growth of all partners, tokens, and exchanges on its platform.

The Crypto.com Exchange Is Now Available on Mobile Crypto.com App

Crypto.com announced that the mobile version of the Crypto.com Exchange has officially launched. The Exchange App enables users to access key features, manage their account, and trade on the go. Crypto.com app

Key Highlights:

Mobile-Centric Design
  • Bottom navigation bar
  • Quick access to key features
  • Biometric ID support
Trading Capabilities
  • Spot market charts
  • Spot trading: Market, Limit, Stop Limit/Stop Loss orders
  • Trading orders management
Onboarding & Account Management
  • Account sign up and verification
  • Account security
  • Spot Wallet management
Seamless Integration with the Main App
  • Connect or sign up to the Crypto.com App
  • Transfer funds between the two Apps
Other Features
  • Lending
  • The Syndicate
  • Supercharger
  • Stake & Earn
  • Referral Programme


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