Croatian good tourist season boosts telecom’s profitability

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Tourism is a significant industry in Croatia, and it can have an impact on the country’s telecommunications sector during the tourist season. The tourist season in Croatia typically runs from May to September, with peak months being July and August. croatian telecoms and tourist season

During the tourist season, there is typically an increase in demand for telecommunications services from both tourists and locals. Tourists may require access to mobile data services, Wi-Fi hotspots, and international calling and messaging services. This increased demand can put a strain on the country’s telecommunications infrastructure, and it’s not uncommon for network congestion to occur.

Hrvatski Telekom had a successful summer, after which it can boast a significant increase in profitability, but also with changing the structure of revenues.

Operator concluded the first nine months of this year with net profit rose from 19.1 percent to HRK 864 million kuna’s, Poslovni Dnevnik wrote.

Although most European operators this season have been negatively affected by the abolition of mobile roaming, HT has slightly increased revenues in the third quarter from HRK 2.15 billion last year to HRK 2.16 billion this year.

More importantly, HT’s operating profit grew 6.5 percent compared to the same period last year to HRK 2.39 billion. This also means that the operating margin has risen to 41.9 percent from last year’s 38.8 percent.

The only indicator that stagnates is still revenue. croatian telecoms and tourist season

Overall, Croatian telecoms have been successful in managing the increased demand for their services during the tourist season, and they continue to invest in their infrastructure to ensure that visitors to Croatia have access to reliable and high-quality telecommunications services.


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