Croatian telecom operators to raise prices from July

Hrvatski Telekom, A1 Hrvatska and Telemach Hrvatska, telecom operators in Croatia, all have decided to increase the prices of some of their mobile services from 1 July, reports Vecernji List. The price hikes are due to the rising prices for electricity and raw materials, the companies said. Croatia telecom price

The increase in the prices of telecom services , given the inflationary atmosphere and the pressures that gripped the market, was only a matter of time. Namely, for some time now, at various conferences and panels where telecoms presented the achievements of modern technology, such as the new generation of 5G mobile networks or the upcoming metaverse, the leading people of telecom operators complained about inflationary pressures affecting them, especially to the rising price of electricity.

It is therefore not surprising that everyone, at least in some segment of their services, has decided to raise prices.

The increase in the price of mobile services for some users has caused doubts about the rights they have when it comes to terminating contracts.

Recall, mobile operators have announced a rise in prices for some of their services. Specifically, Telemach Hrvatska decided to raise prices from 3 to 8 kuna on behalf of the new service from July 1 , while A1 Hrvatska added 100 GB to its Homebox service and raised the fee for the entire service by 20 kuna, also from July 1. HT, on the other hand, as the largest telecom operator, decided to raise prices from June 1, but they forgot to state in the notice to customers about the increase in the price of the service that they have the right to terminate the contract without penalty. Croatia telecom price

As explained by HAKOM: “Each mobile operator sets prices separately, in accordance with its business policy, and the price is a matter of business decision of each of them. The increase is possible because it is a business decision of the operator and / or due to the introduction of additional traffic within the tariff or the introduction / change of service.

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