Croatia ranked in top 15 of world’s best countries to travel to

Condé Nast Traveler readers rank their favorite countries around the world, with Europe dominating this year’s list

Croatia has been ranked among the world’s best countries to travel to in the Conde Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice Awards for 2022. world’s best countries to travel to

Europe dominated this year’s awards across most categories and they made up a large portion of the best countries to travel to, which are voted for by readers of the popular world travel magazine.

Croatia came in at no.14 on the list of best countries in the world to travel to in 2022 with a score of 88.33, just ahead of Morocco and Sweden.

Portugal was no.1 on the list with a score of 91.22, followed by Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

Top 48 the world’s best countries to travel to – Conde Nast Traveller awards:

Portugal 91.22

Japan 91.17

Thailand 90.46

Singapore 90.09

India 90.01

Greece 89.79

Denmark 89.62

United Kingdom 89.12

Italy 89.12

New Zealand 89.01

Spain 88.76

Netherlands 88.65

Ireland 88.53

Croatia 88.33

Morocco 88.23

Sweden 88.11

Sri Lanka 88.01

Israel 87.98

Turkey 87.97

South Africa 87.96

Australia 87.88

Iceland 87.58

Peru 87.4

Colombia 87.25

Finland 87.2

Poland 87.02

Malaysia 86.85

UAE 86.73

Chile 86.72

Philippines 86.66

Costa Rica 86.45

Belize 86.42

Germany 86.39

Malta 86.2

Indonesia 86.03

Mexico 85.99

France 85.42

Argentina 85.28

Switzerland 85.22

Canada 85.19

Austria 84.96

Cambodia 84.9

China 84.63

Jordan 84.11

USA 82.9

Kenya 82.82

Brazil 82.19

Cuba 82.1

Two Croatian cities recently ranked among the world’s most trending destinations in 2022 according to TripAdvisor.

Dubrovnik was ranked 5th and Split was ranked 13th in the world.

Croatia had a busy tourist year

In the first nine months of 2022, Croatia has recorded 17.2 million arrivals and 99.7 million overnight stays. This is 92 percent of arrivals and 97 percent of overnight stays from the record year of 2019.

The most popular destinations in Croatia this year have been Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Poreč, Medulin, and Split.

You can see the full list of the world’s best 48 countries to travel to in 2022 here.

These are the 4 friendliest countries in the world by 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards:

1. French Polynesia

The friendliest country in the world according to you, our readers, is French Polynesia, a collection of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific. The mild climate makes it a year-round destination, and the locals here are only too happy to accommodate. Divided into the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu archipelagos, avid divers revel in the coral-fringed lagoons here, keen hikers are treated to waterfalls that loom large, varied, mountainous terrain and all sorts of exotic plant life, while over-water hotels make it a favourite among honeymooners too.

2. Colombia 

The colourful, bold and open-hearted culture of Colombia can be immediately felt on arrival. Cities give way to swathes of lush jungle, punctuated by the tips of mountains (their pathways weaving this way and that) and at the base, a burgeoning marine ecosystem, with rainbow-coloured coral reefs and honey-hued beaches. In short, it’s impossible not to become wrapped up in the music, the joyful atmosphere and the zest for life here.

3. New Zealand 

Famed the world over for their laidback, positive attitude towards life, the native inhabitants of New Zealand (known as Māori) have only called the island home for 800 years. And it is perhaps the Māori people who first started the friendly outlook toward visitors, with the idea of manaakitanga (Māori for hospitality) – a sign of mutual respect for others – helping to boost the value of friendly generosity among the people here.

4. Thailand 

From the bustling hypermarkets and twinkling skyscrapers of Bangkok to the calm azure waters of Khao Lak and Pranburi, Thailand is a country of contrast, taking visitors from streets where you can barely move for people, tuk tuks and street food vendors to sprawling spa resorts that feel all but deserted. A whistle-stop tour might also include Phuket, an island chock full of flashy, grand hotels that draw tourists by the bucketload, Koh Phi Phi, made famous thanks to it being the setting for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach and the beautiful ancient temples of Chiang Mai. 

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