croatia mobile networks

HAKOM’s first mobile network quality research shows HT has the best results in the Croatia

The first independent measurement of the quality of mobile communication networks in Croatia has been carried out by a specialized German company on behalf of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) in January and February.  croatia mobile networks

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The performance of voice and data services in Croatian cities and on highways was tested, and the results showed that the mobile communication networks in Croatia are of good quality and keeping pace with technological development. The overall result of the measurement conducted in January and February 2023 was 942 points for HT, while A1 scored 928 and Telemach scored 884 points.

croatia mobile networks

The measurement campaign covered 29 cities and 3,900 kilometers of roads and highways in Croatia, an area where over 50% of the total population, or approximately two million inhabitants, live. The goal of the measurement was to present the real experience of service users, and the collected data were analyzed according to the methodology prescribed by BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) and ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

Croatian mobile networks continue to deliver high performance: Independent measurements by HAKOM croatia mobile networks

The measurement showed that the performance of Croatian mobile networks is still very high and that operators continue to invest in development and increase transmission capacity and quality while investing in new technologies. This and all future measurements will help operators improve their services, especially in areas where the result was weaker than expected or desired.

“This approach allows measuring the performance for all three operators in mobile public electronic communication networks simultaneously at the same locations. The results have shown that mobile communication networks in Croatia are of high quality and keep pace with technological development,” said HAKOM.

It is worth noting that HAKOM has so far provided independent measurements of the quality of mobile services exclusively through data collected from the mobile application HAKOMetar Plus for measuring speed in the mobile network and other parameters of mobile service quality. Users themselves can also measure the quality, and the data is anonymously created by users every time they decide to measure the quality. The traffic generated by HAKOMetar during measurements is not counted towards the user’s tariff limit for the first ten measurements in the current month (other similar applications use the available data within the tariff).

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