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Crnogorski Telekom ordered to reduce call prices from 1 July

Montenegro’s telecoms watchdog the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP) has ordered Crnogorski Telekom (CT) to reduce the price of calls from its fixed network to mobile networks within the country by 10% and calls to other fixed networks by 5% from 1 July 2020. crnogorski telekom prices

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Based on an analysis of its cost model, CT has been instructed to charge EUR0.0474 (USD0.0532) per minute for peak-time calls to mobile networks and EUR0.0321 for off-peak calls, while calls to other fixed networks will be charged at EUR0.0365 per minute. By the same decision, EKIP also instructed CT to reduce its wholesale prices of monthly ADSL packages by 10%.

The regulator has also issued decisions ordering CT, Telenor and m:tel to reduce the wholesale price of call termination services on their own mobile networks by 11.8% and on their fixed networks by 15.5%. EKIP noted the decisions were made following market analysis, a determination of operators with significant market power, and approval of their cost models.

Montenegro telecom market crnogorski telekom prices

Montenegro’s telecom market has undergone significant changes and modernization in recent years, leading to increased competition and greater access to telecommunication services for consumers. The country has three main telecom operators: Telenor Montenegro, Crnogorski Telekom, and Mtel, all offering a range of fixed-line, mobile, and internet services.

One of the main factors affecting the Montenegrin telecom market is the country’s relatively small size and population. This can lead to higher costs for telecom providers, which are often passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. However, Montenegro’s telecom prices are generally lower than those in neighboring countries such as Croatia and Serbia.

For example, the cost of a basic mobile plan in Montenegro is around €10-15 per month, while the same plan in Croatia could cost up to €20 per month. Similarly, the cost of broadband internet in Montenegro is generally lower than in neighboring countries, with prices ranging from €20-30 per month for a standard package.

Despite the relatively low prices, some Montenegrin consumers still report difficulties in accessing high-quality telecom services, particularly in more remote areas. This highlights the need for continued investment in telecom infrastructure and improved access to high-speed internet and mobile services.

Overall, while Montenegro’s telecom market faces some challenges due to its small size and geography, it has made significant progress in recent years in terms of modernization and competition. This has led to relatively affordable prices for consumers, although continued investment in infrastructure will be necessary to ensure that all Montenegrins have access to high-quality telecom services.crnogorski telekom prices




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