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Crnogorski Telekom introduces digital office package for businesses

Montenegrin operator Crnogorski Telekom introduced a digital office service that facilitates flexible and mobile working for business users. crnogorski telekom business

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Do you have a dynamic job that spends a lot of time outside the office, in meetings with clients or in the field? Or have you realized that the nature of your job does not require the permanent presence of employees in the office? Or do you just want to have the option of working remotely?

My digital office is a new service of Crnogorski Telekom that facilitates flexible and mobile way of working for business users, so that they can freely perform business duties wherever they are. It is a complete digital solution for modern business that includes everything – from laptops and mobile internet, to programs and services that make business run smoothly.

Telecom business users choose between two laptops – ASUS X515JA-WB311 and HP 250 G7 i5-1035G1 8G256 DVDWR, while other elements of the service are the same regardless of the computer, and among them are mobile internet, Microsoft 365 license, eTrust digital signing service documents, Cloud Storage administrator account with 5 GB of space and antivirus protection or TrendMicro antivirus license.


What does digital office inventory look like? crnogorski telekom business

The mobile internet included in the service implies high-speed wireless internet access, and users will receive a data card with 100 GB per month for the duration of the contract.

Microsoft 365 is a service that makes well-known Microsoft programs even more convenient. My digital office includes the Microsoft 365 Apps package, for easier remote collaboration and better connectivity, and details can be found at https://telekom.me/poslovni-korisnici/ict-office-365

Telekom’s eTrust service enables customers to get rid of paperwork and electronically sign and print documents. My digital office includes an eTrust Intro package with 30 transactions per month per employee. If business users need more transactions or more users of the eTrust portal, it is possible to activate additional options or a larger package via the link https://telekom.me/etrust-pravna-lica

5 GB Cloud Storage to store documents so that they are always available to My Digital Office users. Activation of the administrator package is done on request, and more details are available here: https://telekom.me/poslovni-korisnici/ict-cloud-storage

Trend Micro Antivirus protection is there to store the data of Telekom digital office users, and it works by detecting and blocking viruses, spyware, spam and hacker attacks. Built-in security assessment warns users if they try to open a potentially dangerous website. The administrator of the service will get access to the web portal through which he manages this service, about which he can find out more at https://telekom.me/poslovni-korisnici/ict-antivirus

My Digital Office users can extend the service to more employees, and additional packages include laptop, mobile internet, MS Office 365 and antivirus protection.

In addition, it is possible to provide additional gigabytes of mobile internet, more eTrust transactions and more Cloud space, and Telecom points out that it will assist all users in creating the most effective combination.


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