Cosmote expands 5G roaming coverage to 9 new countries

Roaming with 5G speeds in a total of 34 countries for COSMOTE subscribers

COSMOTE is securing partnerships with networks in more and more countries, so that its subscribers have access to the 5G experience even when abroad. China, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the Czech Republic and the Philippines are the new additions to the list of countries where COSMOTE subscribers have 5G Roaming services. More about Cosmote 5G roaming latest news, find out below.

Similarly, travelers from the above countries, when visiting Greece, will be able to connect to COSMOTE 5G, the largest 5G network in Greece. With the addition of the new countries, COSMOTE has now secured 5G roaming agreements with networks in 34 countries around the world.

COSMOTE is the first provider in Greece to have entered into agreements with foreign networks for 5G Roaming, starting back in December 2020, and it has secured the highest number of partnerships with providers abroad for its subscribers.

COSMOTE subscribers already have access to 5G Roaming in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, U.S.A., Spain, Israel, Italy, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Norway, South Korea, the Netherlands, Oman, Hungary, the Virgin Islands (U.S.A.), Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the Czech Republic, the Philippines and Finland.

At the same time, visitors to Greece from 35 countries – including Lithuania, Portugal and Russia – can enjoy the huge potential of COSMOTE 5G.

5G Roaming is accessible to all COSMOTE subscribers, residential and businesses (contract, cost control, prepaid), who have a certified 5G device made by specific manufacturers in these countries. In these EU countries, COSMOTE subscribers enjoy 5G Roaming at no extra charge, while taking advantage of the plan they have in Greece. Subscribers can activate the COSMOTE Travel Pass service in non-EU countries, while using the plan they have in Greece, for a daily charge.

COSMOTE 5G is the largest 5G network in Greece, with nationwide population coverage that already exceeds 50%. In Athens and Thessaloniki, coverage has already reached 97% and 90%, respectively, while in certain areas, COSMOTE 5G’s speeds exceed 1Gbps. The network is continuing to grow dynamically, with a new target of 60% nationwide population coverage by the end of the year.


The COSMOTE GIGASPEED NETWORK is shaping the infrastructure leading Greece into the future. With cutting-edge technology, such as 5G and ‘Fiber to the Home’, the COSMOTE GIGASPEED NETWORK meets the needs of the new digital era, unleashing unlimited potential and contributing to the creation of a better world for all. Committed to leading the digital transformation, the OTE Group is the largest investor in new technologies and infrastructure in Greece. With approximately €5 billion in investments over the past decade and a €2 billion investment plan for the current four-year period, it is creating the infrastructure for the Gigabit Society.

cosmote 5g roaming

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