Com Hem Mobil offers eSIM ‘s

Tele2 Sweden brand Com Hem said it now offers mobile communication services via embedded SIM cards, enabling customers to combine 2 telephone numbers on the same handset, or do without a physical SIM. com hem esim

A flexible solution for those who want to combine subscriptions and, for example, switch between private life and work, or use a separate subscription for travel abroad. Com Hem Mobil’s eSIM can be ordered directly on or via customer service and activated electronically with a QR code.

eSIM makes the customer’s handling of mobile subscriptions smoother and more flexible. A perfect example of digitization that both improves and simplifies. I am therefore very happy that we can now offer Com Hem Mobile with eSIM to both existing and new customers, says Samuel Skott, commercial manager at Com Hem.

Com Hem Mobil’s eSIM works for all mobile phones that support eSIM, which is now the majority of new models (see here for a list). To get started with eSIM, no specific app is required, but the subscription is easily handled through the phone’s operating system, after activation on or via customer service.

In the long term, eSIM will also make it easier to change numbers or start up a new mobile, as customers do not have to wait for new SIM cards to be sent by post. In the future, more and more connected devices will also work with eSIM, such as smartwatches and smart appliances.

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