Cogeco Connexion launches new Wi-Fi service for business customers in Ontario

Cogeco Connexion announced the launch of its new complete and customizable Managed Wi-Fi solution. With this new addition to its portfolio, Cogeco Connexion‘s services now extend to Managed Wi-Fi solutions created for small and mid-market businesses, supporting their ever-growing demand for fast and reliable internet connectivity by offering scalable solutions to match their current and future needs.

At Cogeco we are committed to offering solutions to small and mid-market businesses that are customized to their needs. These companies will benefit from adaptable solutions that can grow with them as they strive to increase their productivity, while reducing their operational and capital expenditures,” says Antoine Shiu, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Business Solutions at Cogeco Connexion. “With the launch of our Managed Wi-Fi solution, our business customers will have seamless access to faster connectivity for their users, allowing for multiple online activities at once for both employees and business guests.”

Cogeco Connexion’s Managed Wi-Fi is a complete service that offers integrated equipment, installation, and support to Cogeco’s business customers. The cloud-based Wi-Fi solution is professionally designed and tailored to specific customer requirements, installed by experts and monitored remotely to ensure a fast and reliable Wi-Fi experience.

More than ever, our business customers are asking for enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities with simple and secure Wi-Fi settings, allowing them to work efficiently everywhere in the workspace and on various platforms at once,” added Mr. Shiu. “With the launch of our new Managed Wi-Fi solution, we will be enhancing our customers’ efficiency and business performances to help them meet their objectives, and work to their fullest potential.


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Cogeco Connexion’s Managed Wi-Fi solution provides enhanced internet access as well as scalable Wi-Fi capabilities, a management portal to customize settings (i.e. Wi-Fi access for guests) and get insights on Wi-Fi usage, while offering transparent pricing and total control on IT Budget with predictable monthly bills.

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