Circles.Life introduces Jetpac: The all-new, must-have travel plan

If you travel regularly, Circles.Life has a subscription service that might be worth your attention. Jetpac will appeal to frequent travellers as a one-stop service that offers data roaming along with a variety of perks. Circles.Life Jetpac

Circles.Life offers two eSIM packages for Jetpac: $10 for 3GB of data that you can roll over next month for a maximum of 6GB (Lite Pac) and $20 for 5GB (you get 20GB for the first month) that you can roll over up to 10GB (Pro Pac).

If you do run out of data, you can simply additional data packs, and what you don’t use can be rolled over to the next month as well according to the pre-determined cap (6GB or 10GB, depending on the package).

If the idea of constantly having to evaluate data prices for a destination you’ve yet to visit, Jetpac’s flat rate effectively takes that problem out of the equation.

Both plans also provide a small form of insurance coverage with access to over 1,100 lounges around the world in the event of a flight delay exceeding an hour. Lite Pac allows up to two travellers while Pro Pac allows up to six.

What gives the Pro Pac value for those who will appreciate it, is its cashback perks. You get $20 a month in cashback credit that you can stack, up to a maximum of $240 (i.e. 2 years).

You can then redeem them for Expedia vouchers and use them across 500,000 hotels worldwide. This is perhaps the biggest pull factor for keeping up the subscription.

How it works? Circles.Life Jetpac

Data roaming


One eSIM, use anywhere in the world. Stop juggling multiple SIMs when you travel.


Stay connected across the top 50 travel destinations in the world.


Get more bang for your buck. Carry any excess data over to the next month.

Hotel credits


$20 travel credits will be added to your account every month


Use whenever: Convert earned credits to Expedia vouchers when you’re ready to travel


Smarter way to save: Redeem your voucher across 500,000+ hotels in 140 countries

Lounge Access


Flight delays > 60 mins

Get airport lounge access if your flight is delayed for more than an hour.


Access to 1,100+ lounges

Unlimited redemptions, all around the world. At no extra cost.


Add up to 5 companions: Relax with your family or group, because travel’s better when you’re together.


The best part? You don’t need to be an existing Circles.Life customers to be able to enjoy Jetpac. So long as you have an eSIM-compatible phone (and almost every phone that can be with you can get it to augment your current mobile plan. Circles.Life Jetpac


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