Chinese telecom Huawei has signed 22 worldwide contracts to commercialize 5G technology

Officials believe that 5G arrival will increase data connection capacity by 10 times

On November 21st, during the 9th Global Mobile Broadband Forum held in London, UK, Ding Wei, Huawei’s managing director and operator of BG, revealed that Huawei has obtained 22 5G commercial contracts worldwide, ThePaper reports.

Ding Wei said at the forum: “Huawei has been recognized by operators with its leading 5G end-to-end capabilities and innovative products and solutions. Currently, Huawei has obtained 22 5G commercial contracts worldwide and operates with more than 50 global operators. Businesses carry out 5G commercial testing.”

Ding believes the entire industry is witnessing the arrival of a great era — one that will increase data connection capacity by 10 times. The mobile communication industry will also gain historic development opportunities, Ding said.

In 2019, the first batch of 5G smartphones, including folding mobile phones, will be launched soon, which will bring the new 5G experience to users. 

Economical choices of about a few thousand yuan will also be launched soon after 5G commercialization, the report said.

It is expected that the first wave of 5G commercial use will cover the market of one-third of the world’s population, and that scale far exceeds similar periods of 3G and 4G expansion.

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