China ends 2021 with 730 mln 5G subscribers

China Telecom led the growth in mobile subscribers in China in December 2021, with a net increase of 490,000, ending the month with 372.43 million in total. China Mobile added only 109,000 customers in the month, but remains the largest mobile operator on the local market with a total of 956.89 million mobile customers. China Unicom ended December with 317.11 million mobile customers, down by 225,000 from November. china 5g subscribers

The 5G base stations cover all cities and urban areas above the prefecture-level, more than 97% of counties and 50% of townships and towns, according to the data released by the Chinese government. As of now, China has over 800,000 shared 5G base stations. Also, more than 2,300 5G industry virtual private networks have been built and commercialized in China, according to the report.

In November 2021, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) unveiled plans to more than triple the number of 5G base stations over the next four years, targeting a total of 3.64 million by end-2025.

Under this plan, China aims to have 26 5G base stations for every 10,000 people by the end of 2025. In comparison, in 2020, there were five 5G base stations for every 10,000 people in China. china 5g subscribers

Chinese operators recorded a net gain of 35.16 million 5G subscribers in November, according to the carriers’ latest available figures.

China’s statistical yearbook reports that the nation had 494 million households and 250 million “corporate enterprises” in 2020. Plenty are clearly making do without wired connections.

The surge is no surprise, as China has made 5G adoption an important element of its ongoing digitalization drive. The sheer scale is still stunning because no nation other than India and China even has a population of over 396.5 million – never mind a 5G market for 700 million services.

China’s also showing no signs that it’s worried about 5G’s impact on aviation – a topic that has recently exercised regulators who fear radios using the standard could cause problems for passenger planes around airports. Ind fact, China’s local telecom titan ZTE last year floated the idea of in-flight 5G for passengers.


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