China Eastern Will Trial Facial Recognition at New Beijing Airport

Beijing‘s new airport to be efficient, high-tech operation

China is poised to overtake the United States as the world’s biggest air travel market by 2022. The government has plans to build or expand 74 airports nationwide by the end of 2020, aiming to accommodate a whopping 720 million passengers a year. Facial Recognition Beijing Airport


In Beijing Daxing International Airport, which opens on September 30, China Eastern Airlines passengers will be able to check in, go through security and board without a boarding pass, thanks to an end-to-end facial recognition system.

VIP lounge staff also will have augmented reality glasses that can scan passengers’ faces to access their identities and flight information. China Eastern plans to expand the services to other airports in Beijing and Shanghai after testing them at the new airport, according to Chinese media reports.

It is anticipated that it will handle 45 million passengers annually by 2021, and 72 million by 2025.

Departing from Caoqiao subway station in southern Beijing, it took only 20 minutes to reach the airport terminus via the Daxing Airport Express.

Wang Hui, an official from the Beijing Daxing International Airport Management Center (BDIAMC), said that it only takes eight minutes at most to walk from the terminus to the boarding gates.

The number of passengers that can be checked during early peak hours is over 60 percent higher per hour than traditional security inspection channels, according to Li Xuazhi, an official from a security company under Capital Airport Holding Company.

The Daxing airport‘s security inspection system can intelligently identify passengers, and it can accurately receive a passenger‘s information within three seconds when needed, he said.

At the China Eastern Airlines automatic check-in counter, passengers can utilize facial-recognition to check in for their flights. If a passenger chooses to check in via facial-recognition, their personal departure information, including flight and gate number, will appear on a display screen in front of them.

Daxing International Airport Rendering

China Eastern said in a note sent to the media that it has applied new technologies at the airport, such as facial-recognition check-in and electronic luggage tags, which could help passengers check the location of their luggage with their mobile phones. Facial Recognition Beijing Airport

Passengers who are transferring through the airport will use an efficient core-transfer hall, and officials say that all customs procedures can be completed within 30 minutes.


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