Chile’s Wom giving away prepaid eSIM with 5GB data for 30 days

Wom Chile has launched a promotion whereby customers can request a free embedded SIM card with 5GB data. If you have a smartphone compatible with eSIM technology, then this news will interest you, since the WOM operator is once again giving away prepaid eSIM so you can test its mobile service, including its 5G network. wom chile esim

Some time ago, WOM enabled a website where anyone with an eSIM compatible device could request a prepaid eSIM to test the service. Well, history repeats itself again.

You just have to enter select the brand and model of your smartphone, enter your data and in a couple of minutes you should receive the QR code of your eSIM in the email you entered, it’s that simple.

Once you receive your QR code, you must scan the code with your smartphone camera and the mobile data plan will be registered on your device.

In addition, this time WOM emphasizes on its website that the eSIM is reusable, so they recommend saving the QR code or making a copy. Of course, said eSIM will work again on another device as long as it is deleted on the first mobile where it was registered, you cannot register it on two devices at the same time.

And, as if that were not enough, the eSIM comes with 5 GB of free data and 50 minutes to call all destinations for 30 days. For now, only eSIMs with new numbers are delivered, it is not possible to change from SIM to eSIM.

We do not know how many eSIMs are available, so take advantage of requesting yours as soon as possible. Beware, if the first time you already requested a test eSIM using your RUT, now you will not be able to request a new one. wom chile esim


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