CelcomDigi expands 5G roaming service to 38 countries

5G access is available in 38 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and China.

 CelcomDigi is making it easier for customers who are traveling to popular destinations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, or China, to enjoy ultra-fast 5G roaming connectivity on-the-go. CelcomDigi 5G roaming service

The 5G roaming is available on both Celcom and Digi Roaming Passes and is supported in a total of 38 countries.

30-Day Roaming Passes with the Best Value

For customers who are going on longer trips, Celcom offers the 30-Day Unlimited Internet Pass for RM98, with validity in 57 countries. Digi subscribers, on the other hand, can take advantage of the 30-Day World Pass that comes with 30GB high-speed Internet for RM95, with validity in 69 countries.

For short-term travellers, Celcom and Digi is offering various daily and weekly roaming passes to suit their travelling needs. Celcom subscribers can enjoy the 7-Day Unlimited Internet Pass for only RM58. Digi subscribers can roam in Asia and more with 2GB Internet and 30 minutes calls, with 3-day validity from as low as RM25. Subscribers visiting Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand get even more with 2GB bonus Internet quota. All the roaming passes which are currently offered support both 5G and 4G Internet so subscribers can roam worry-free globally. CelcomDigi 5G roaming service

Seamlessly book a roaming pass before departure CelcomDigi 5G roaming service

Both Celcom and Digi subscribers can purchase a roaming pass before their departure via the Celcom Life App or MyDigi before the day of departure, and immediately enjoy roaming Internet upon arrival at the destination country. To enjoy 5G roaming in the countries, travellers need to ensure that 5G access has been activated on their mobile plans locally before departure, as well as having a 5G-enabled device with them while traveling.

To start roaming internationally on 5G, sign up for Celcom and Digi’s 30-Day, 7-Day, and 1-Day Roaming Passes. All travellers need to do is to browse the Celcom Life App and MyDigi app to select and pre-book a roaming pass of their choice. Stay tuned to CelcomDigi as we enable 5G roaming in more destination countries in the coming months.



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