Celcom and Maxis Dominate Open Signal Awards in Malaysia

In Open Signal's latest look at Malaysia, we see quite the race developing between Celcom and Maxis in whole metrics

While Maxis maintained its long-held lead in Download Speed Experience, Celcom snagged our Upload Speed Experience award. Celcom won our 4G availability prize, but Maxis landed a Latency Experience win. And when it came to Open Signal newest metric, Video experience, Open Signal found both operators in a dead heat.

In Open Signal fifth report on Malaysia they examined Celcom and Maxis along with other national operators DiGi, U Mobile and Unifi to see how they stacked up in consumer mobile experience. Open Signal also delved deeper into 11 cities in Malaysia, comparing the results of the aforementioned five operators as well as regional 4G provider Yes.

4G Availability

Celcom won our 4G Availability award as it was able to supply an LTE connection to their users 86.8% of the time. Maxis, however, was a close second with a score of 83.2%. 4G access is already fairly widespread in . Four of the five nationwide operators have 4G Availability scores over 75%, and two have surpassed the 80% mark. U Mobile remains the only laggard with a score of 64.5%, but the operator has made significant progress in the last six months, increasing its 4G Availability by more than 3 percentage points since our last report.

Video Experience celcom and maxis

In the Video Experience category, Celcom and Maxis had the only draw at a national level in our report, both garnering scores just above 61. That places both operators firmly in good territory (55-65) in our 100-point Video experience scale. Good means that while users do experience waiting time before a video begins playing and interruptions in playback, low-resolution video streaming is generally consistent.

Download Speed Experience

Maxis once again won the Download Speed Experience award, but rival Celcom has begun whittling away at Maxis’s sizable lead. Celcom’s overall download speed increased by more than 2 Mbps to 14.7 Mbps since the last Malaysia report, while Maxis’s Download Speed Experience score grew by less than a megabit. Maxis still has a considerable advantage in Download Speed Experience with an average connection of 17.9 Mbps, but if Celcom continues its current pace of download speed growth, Maxis will soon face a challenger in this metric.


Upload Speed Experience celcom and maxis

Maxis may have claimed the download speed crown, but Celcom was the king of upload speed in our measurements. It was a close race between the two, but

Celcom emerged victorious with an Upload Speed Experience score of 6.4 Mbps, compared to Maxis’s score of 6.3 Mbps. The two leaders were well ahead of their rivals in this metric. Malaysia’s other three major operators had Upload Speed Experience scores of 4 Mbps or less.

Latency Experience celcom and maxis

Maxis won our Latency Experience award with an average response time of 47.2 milliseconds. Latency is an often misunderstood metric that can impact the consumer mobile experience in many subtle ways. Lower latency connections produce faster load times for web pages and streamed video and can reduce the lag experienced in real-time communications and gaming apps.

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