Cathay Pacific First Class Passengers To Get Free WiFi

Effective immediately, free Wi-Fi is available to first-class passengers on Cathay Pacific. The complimentary service will be offered on the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.


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This makes sense for the premium carrier’s highest level of service. Normally, this ‘flight pass’ would cost up to US$20 on a flight of more than six hours. For flights less than six hours, the cost is US$13. This will enable passengers to stay connected on their laptops, tablets and smartphones throughout the duration of their journey.

Not all flights, not all aircraft

Free Wi-Fi in first-class is limited to passengers traveling on Cathay’s Boeing 777-300ERs. Why? This is because the airline’s new Airbus A350 fleet does not actually have a first-class cabin. In fact, not all of the 777s have first-class cabins either. According to Get Connected, of the 31 four-class 777-300ER, just 20 have so far been Wi-Fi equipped.

When it comes to cost for everyone outside of first-class, Cathay Pacific offers fairly reasonable pricing for its Wi-Fi. Service starts at $10 for an hour, $13 for up to six hours and $20 for the length of the flight. Considering services like Hong Kong to New York are roughly 16 hours long, this would represent some fantastic value.

You can check whether Wi-Fi is available on your flight from within Flight status. Simply input your flight number or route and look for the ‘Wi-Fi enabled’ sign.

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