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Travel, technology and communications in today’s business world become  crucial and inevitable.

China still No 1 outbound tourism market

China remains the world's biggest market in outbound tourism with nearly 150 million outbound visits made by Chinese travelers in 2018, up 14.7 percent year-on-year, according to a newly-released report by the China Tourism Academy and…

Often on a long flights? This is an app for you!

After five hours of sitting on the airplane, the initial holiday feeling quickly disappears: The neck is stiff, the back hurts and the legs are heavy as lead. In this case, only one thing helps: stretching. Doing exercises on the airplane…

Top 20 Low Cost Airlines

Low-cost carriers (LCC) have become a popular alternative to traditional scheduled airlines over the last two decades. The emergence of the budget aviation market for passenger transport and freight has had a transformative effect on the…
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