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Capital Metro adds Apple Pay and Google Pay to CapMetro app

Earlier this week, Capital Metro rolled out a new, more intuitive version of the CapMetro app. The highly rated app allows customers to pay for their tickets on the go, stay up-to-date on where their bus is and map out their entire itinerary.

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New features include: CapMetro app

  • Easy fare/pass purchasing
  • Convenient Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Quicker pass access
  • Faster real-time tracking
  • More robust trip planner

The app is live for both Android and iPhone users. The update will be installed automatically or manually depending on the customer’s update settings. Once the customer receives the app update, they may be prompted to log in, and the app will load their available passes.

CapMetro is a transportation system in Austin, Texas that provides bus and rail services to the city and its surrounding areas. The CapMetro app is a mobile application that allows users to plan their trips, purchase tickets, and track their bus or train in real-time.

With the CapMetro app, users can:

  1. Plan their trips: Users can enter their starting location and destination and the app will provide them with multiple route options, including bus and rail schedules.
  2. Purchase tickets: Users can purchase single ride tickets, day passes, and monthly passes using the app. The app also allows users to store their tickets on their phone and use them to board the bus or train.
  3. Real-time tracking: Users can track their bus or train in real-time using the app’s GPS tracking feature. This allows users to know when their ride is arriving, making it easier to plan their day.
  4. Alerts and notifications: The app provides users with important alerts and notifications about service disruptions, delays, and other important information that may impact their trip.
  5. Favorite routes and stops: Users can save their favorite routes and stops for easy access in the future.

Overall, the CapMetro app is a convenient tool for anyone using CapMetro’s transportation services in Austin.



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