Business travel: need for more data, more integration, more options

The world is more complex today than ever before and is likely to be more complex tomorrow

Traveller’s expectations, driven by their experiences, have shifted the needle to demand a more personalised business travel experience.

best international sim card

Communication and connectivity is essential to today’s business traveller. No longer is an email, a web interface or a call centre enough.

Business travel needs

People are using messaging platforms and social media to connect with brands, as well as friends and family. Collaboration tools are today’s must have. It’s important we are open to new methods of communications so that we can connect to travellers in a relevant and native way.

You can buy the phone you want, wherever you want. As for the apps, you can download WhatsApp
by going to, getting a link to the App Store, or by going directly there on your phone.

But with bad chosen data plan or even without him, you will not have much use of them. Just can get a huge bill!

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