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Does your business needs Telecom Expense Management services?


According to Gartner, telecom expense management is a set of processes implemented to manage and optimize enterprise communication services.

It comprises of both wired and mobile services, including data and voice usage.

These solutions are designed to manage the telecom expenses efficiently and make it easier for a company to manage complex telecom setups.

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There are questions to ask yourself to find out if your business is ready to get control over telecom costs:

  • Do you feel that the way you have been managing your telecom expenses is not working anymore? Is the process of manually managing these expenses becoming too time consuming?
  • Are you concerned that these expenses aren’t being recorded properly right now?
  • Are you struggling to keep a track of voice, data and internet usage across departments in your organization? Are you facing challenges in monitoring and differentiating voice and data used by employees for their business and personal use?
  • Do you have a bulk of invoices that needs to be processed frequently? Do your labor costs and overhead expenses incurred to process these bills actually cost more than the total bill amount?
  • Is your company facing challenges in flexibly managing the telecom needs of the mobile workforce such as wireless expenses, procurement of devices, and rate plan negotiations? Most telecom expense management solutions include features for managed mobility services and mobile device management (MDM).
  • Are you facing difficulty in allocating telecom cost and chargebacks to different departments within your organization?

TEM solutions help manage and reduce telecom expenses, and also  assist in dealing with most aspects of enterprise mobility, including inventory, negotiatingprocurement and many more aspects of your business.

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