Bulgaria Will Fight for a Steady Decrease in Roaming Fees in Western Balkan Countries

Lilyana Pavlova, who is currently the Minister on Bulgaria’s EU-Presidency, said that our Presidency will revolve around the Balkans – both Eastern and Western. She admitted, however, that Bulgaria and the EU cannot engage in giving false promises to the Western Balkan countries.

Among the main goals set for the improvement of the communication between the EU and the Balkans are:
1. Lowering prices on roaming. According to Pavlova, this will greatly benefit tourism.
2. Highways, railways, and airways.
3. Energy and power connectivity.
4. Digital and educational connectivity.

She also tried to diplomatically address Bulgaria’s place in Schengen by saying that while Europe should work on strengthening its borders it should not allow for borders to exist within it.

“We need to discuss reform in Schengen and the unitary currency.”

She also noted that Bulgaria has a reasonable fiscal policy and does not spend more than it makes. Pavlova is particularly happy with the fact that Bulgarians studying IT abroad came back to Bulgaria due to the huge lack of well-qualified and well-paid workforce.

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