Yettel Hungary offers mobile subscriptions to Budapest airport passengers

Yettel has started the distribution of foreign-style SIMs specially designed for incoming travelers and regularized for temporary purposes at Liszt Ferenc Airport

Yettel Hungary offers mobile subscriptions to Budapest Airport passengers. Yettel just started the distribution of SIM cards specially designed for incoming travelers at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport. budapest airport SIM cards

Budapest Airport offers its new service primarily to those coming to Hungary from abroad – especially if they are citizens of a non-EU member state. Thanks to its partner, AirportHUB, it now sells SIM cards that can be used in Hungary’s domestic network to incoming tourists and businessmen.

According to the announcement of the company operating the airport, Yettel Hungary is the provider of SIMs that can be purchased on the arrivals level of Terminal 2 (so much so that the sales are also carried out by Yettel employees).

Customers can choose from two types of subscriptions:  cards

  • The Express 2in1 Travel with Yettel prepaid card includes 50 GB of mobile data and 25 minutes of domestic calls for HUF 15,000,
  • and the Express 2in1 Travel Max with Yettel prepaid card includes unlimited domestic mobile internet and 50 minutes of domestic calls, for HUF 20,000.

The special feature of the subscriptions is that they are only valid for a one-time, fixed period – 30 days – and only a person who has reached the age of 14 can become a subscriber. Activation takes place with a simplified contract, for which the presentation of a passport or identity card is still required.

Budapest Airport’s solution is not at all new, at the arrival terminals of many international airports there are kiosks operated by mobile service providers or even virtual mobile service providers specifically aimed at travelers, SIMs can also be purchased from vending machines at certain locations.

About Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport budapest airport SIM cards

Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport, named after the renowned Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, is a bustling hub of international travel and a gateway to the captivating city of Budapest. Located approximately 16 kilometers southeast of the city center, the airport serves as Hungary’s largest and busiest air transportation hub, catering to millions of passengers each year.

With its modern infrastructure and efficient facilities, Liszt Ferenc Airport offers a seamless travel experience for both domestic and international travelers. The airport boasts two terminals, Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B, which handle a wide range of airlines and destinations. Travelers can enjoy a plethora of amenities and services, including duty-free shops, restaurants, lounges, and currency exchange facilities, ensuring their comfort and convenience.

Liszt Ferenc Airport serves as a crucial hub for numerous airlines, connecting Budapest to destinations all over the world. It offers a diverse selection of flights to major cities in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia, facilitating seamless connections and fostering global mobility.

As an integral part of Budapest’s transportation network, the airport is easily accessible by various means. Passengers can conveniently reach the city center via taxis, shuttle buses, or the direct train service that connects the airport to the downtown area.

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