Bucharest Metro pilots contactless payments with quick access to 9 metro stations – with any contactless bank card

Metrorex and Banca Comercială Română implemented the new card payment solution at 9 Bucharest metro stations in the Capital, as part of a pilot program. The ultra-modern system, developed by BCR, is made at the level of each access turnstile, using the latest generation integration technologies, which makes payment acceptance and unlocking the access gates from the turnstiles extremely fast.


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The method of use is very simple: travelers must approach the tourniquet any contactless Visa or Mastercard, regardless of the issuing bank, after which they will receive the “Free access” notification. The cost of a trip remains the same, 2.5 lei, and there are no bank fees. If a traveler wishes to pay more entries with the same card, he must press, starting with the second consecutive transaction, the “+” key on the turnstile screen and then approach the card with the contactless sign.

“ It is a joy to be able to offer to our travelers, on the 40th anniversary of the Bucharest Metro, an intelligent access system, as an integral part of our strategy for modernizing operating conditions. The subway is a fast means of transport, but we believe that speed does not only involve the journey itself, but everything that the experience with the subway means: from entering the station to arriving at the destination. Our efforts to improve this experience will continue ”, said Mariana Miclăuș, General Manager of Metrorex .

“ A really smart city necessarily needs simple and modern access to the subway. The solution was built, implemented and tested by my colleagues from BCR together with Metrorex technical teams, being the result of an effort of almost 12 months. We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of the contactless payment system, from the level of a smart city, to the subway in Bucharest ”, said Ciprian Nicolae, BCR Project Manager.

“The degree of wealth of a city is not measured in the number of expensive cars on the streets, but in the number of people who prefer to travel by public transport. Therefore, we are glad that we have been able to contribute to the development of a payment system to meet our expectations from a smart city, which will not only help to increase the quality of life of the citizens of Bucharest and those who visit us, but will also help to reduce the pollution level, “ said Cosmin Vladimirescu, Country Manager Mastercard Romania.

The solution proposed by BCR was built based on the operating architecture regulated by VISA and Mastercard, so that any card issued anywhere in the world under the marks of the two brands can be used for travel payment.

The contactless payment system in Bucharest metro is available in the pilot phase at Pipera, Aurel Vlaicu, Piata Victoriei 1 and 2, Piata Universitatea, Piata Unirii 1 and 2, Tineretului, Grozavești, being accessible to all the access gates of these stations.

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