Brussels digital minister pleads for 5G test zone

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Brussels 5G test zone?
The Brussels digital minister Bernard Clerfayt is calling for a 5G test zone. The minister put the idea forward in the Brussels Parliament on 19 February after a question in the Economic Affairs Committee, reported.

For a definitive roll-out of 5G in Belgium, we have to wait for an agreement between the federal government and the federated states. In order not to miss the boat on 5G, the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) already proposed at the end of January to grant provisional user rights to interested players.

Minister Clerfayt is now proposing a test zone himself. According to him, such a pilot project can ensure that ‘the dividing lines in the file can be removed’. The proposed Brussels 5G test zone can only be made concrete after an agreement has been reached within the Brussels government.

Imagine if 5G enabled us to solve mobility problems in the Brussels Region, and also improve the offer and quality of public transport,” Clerfayt said. He added that no hasty decisions should be taken and that all aspects must first be studied in detail.

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