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New Luggage Delivery Start-Up Launches in Miami Aims to Revolutionize Air Travel Into a Hands-Free Experience

Bringit, a new on-demand luggage delivery service, launched at Miami International Airport, eliminating the hassle of transporting your luggage to or from the airport.

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Starting in Miami and New York and soon to be a globally offered service, Bringit aims to solve one of the biggest headaches of traveling – transporting one’s luggage – with a simple, secure and affordable solution.

For a $25 fee for up to two bags, travelers flying into or out of Miami International Airport can now request their carry-on or checked bags to be picked up and delivered with just a touch of a button.

Starting late February, the service will be available for travelers flying into or out of New York City’s La Guardia and John F. Kennedy Airports, followed by Los Angeles International Airport summer 2019.

Users can sign up through its web-based app on www.bringitapp.com, enter their flight details, and Bringit will pick up their luggage at the airport and transport it to their desired destination, whether that be a hotel, office, or other location. Travelers can request the pickup in advance of or even during their flight. When it’s time to return home, Bringit can also transport luggage from traveler’s hotel (or other location) to the airport.

Bringit users can get an early, smooth start to their vacation or business trip by completely avoiding time wasted standing in lines at baggage claim or dragging luggage through busy city streets and crowded public transportation. The experience will also eliminate the physical strain and awkwardness of lugging heavy suitcases around, allowing users to walk out of their flights or hotels completely unencumbered.

The bags are each tagged, controlled and sealed to assure they are tamper-proof. Travelers can also track their luggage in real-time through Bringit’s tracking technology and SMS status updates.

Bringit is currently available on its website and will soon be available via mobile app for Android or iOS when the service debuts in New York.

Bringit is the brainchild of Bringit Technologies, an East Coast start-up founded two years ago by Israel Arellano, a creative director and business developer with more than a decade of tech development experience.

“On a business trip in NYC I noticed people lugging their baggage down Times Square, and asked myself, ‘with today’s technology, why are we still traveling with our bags like we did 100 years ago?”, said Bringit founder Israel Arellano. “Is it me, or does that seem old fashioned?”

After undergoing two rounds of seed investment, the company has reached $1.8 million in funding and is expected to reach $5 million by June 2019.  During this time, Arellano and his team underwent a rigorous government and TSA analysis and held ongoing tests to its logistics and operations systems.

“We’ve made Bringit for the masses, not for the travel elite,” said Peter Lobanov, Bringit’s head of marketing and brand development. “Our long-term vision is for hands-free travel to become the accepted standard, so that everyone can travel the world without luggage slowing them down.”

Bringit will be accessible to travelers flying in and out of Miami International Airport (MIA) from all of its terminals, including international flights. The service will expand to New York this February and Los Angeles this summer, with another 10 major international airports over the next 24 months.

Similar to Uber’s business model, Bringit relies on independent car-owners who apply to be Bringit couriers. After being vetted, background-checked and approved, couriers set their own hours and use their own vehicles to transport customer’s luggage to and from the airport. Couriers are set to earn a higher-than-average per-hour wage compared to similar on-demand transportation companies.

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