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Breathe Flow – the new Apple Watch health test is first to give users smartwatch health data ownership with NFTs

Health AI company Vagus.co has launched ‘Breathe Flow’, which has a unique 30-seconds health test and data NFT creation. The primary goal is to help Apple Watch users improve their breathing- and lifestyle habits to reduce stress and give early warning for health issues. apple watch health

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It is the first app to provide a web3 platform where users own their smartwatch data with an NFT. Users can earn income either by selling the V-NFT outright or by receiving rewards.

Health monitoring: The VAGUS® breathing & pulse test apple watch health

The test enables very precise breathingbased health analysis. It shows how the user is breathing and how the heart is responding to each breath. The science is based on eight years of research by the team. The app is differernt from existing ‘breathing’ apps since it shows how the user is breathing ‘for real’.

How to do the test?

By doing the VAGUS® ECG test with controlled breathing (5 sec inhale and 5 sec exhale), this unique analysis calculates exactly how the person is breathing and provides easy-to-understand feedback. More than half of current 7000 Vagus Watch and VAGUS ECG users have problems doing proper diaphragmatic breathing. By using Vagus tests and feedback, almost everybody improved their breathing within weeks of starting daily testing. All data is calculated in the cloud and saved there if the user later wants to start using our ‘Nerve Explorer’ cloud service to monitor longer term changes – or subscribe to Vagus breathing coaching partners. If the user approves, breathing coaches can get real-time access to the test results to better help their clients.

With the Breathe Flow app, Vagus also introduces user ownership to smartwatch data.  This is done with the VAGUS NFT.

Financially rewarding: The Vagus NFT (V-NFT) for users to own and sell data

When using Breathe Flow, users create (mint) one new data V-NFT for every 10 days of VAGUS® tests. The block-chained V-NFT is a smart contract to prove ownership. Public trading with V-NFTs will begin when 10000 V-NFTs have been created by Breathe Flow users.

Massive market, massive data apple watch health

Apple Watch has sold more than 80 million ECG enabled smartwatches and had a 36% global market share during the Q1 2022. The smartwatch market segment is growing 13% YoY (Counterpoint Research).

Vagus Health Ltd is a Cambridge (UK) based Health AI company founded in 2017 and employs a team from FinlandSweden, and the UK. 

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