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Brazil, Peru closer to the end of the roaming fees

Brazil’s federal government published in the official gazette a decree to enact a border integration agreement with Peru. Brazil Peru roaming

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The agreement was signed nearly six years ago by former presidents Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Peru’s Ollanta Humala during Rousseff’s state visit to Peru.

In 2017, the Brazilian government issued another decree for a pilot project in the district of Assis Brasil, on the Brazilian side, and Iñapari and Iberia in Peru, for fixed and mobile calls between the towns to be billed as local and exempted from international roaming fees.

The process was never fully implemented, however, and the Brazilian government is trying again with the latest decree.

The new document states that one of the goals is to begin a pilot project in the same towns  to integrate “the supply of telecommunications services” and enable “free circulation of information with reliability, security, low cost and high speed in data communication.”

The parties still have to define the characteristics of the interconnection of the telecommunication networks present at the border, according to the decree that was published on Friday.Brazil Peru roaming

The text upholds other objectives such as boosting programs to meet the needs of vulnerable populations and develop physical integration and connectivity infrastructure, reinforcing the role of private companies in telecommunications and border roaming.

The interconnection of border networks is a complex process that depends less on the intention of governments and more on the engagement of carriers operating in the areas.

Brazil also announced in recent years many other plans to end roaming and facilitate interconnection with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, which are also Mercosur members.

Within the framework of the trade bloc, the four countries signed in July at a summit held in the Argentine province of Santa Fe, an “agreement for the elimination of international roaming charges for the final user in Mercosur.”

The deal needs to be ratified by each country’s congress. Brazil Peru roaming

Moreover, dozens of mobile operators in the four countries need to reach commercial agreements on prices for those traveling within Mercosur.


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