Brazil Launches Cultural Contest for International Tourists

The newest promotional campaign of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Board) was just launched. Named as “The King of Rolê” it is directed exclusively to the international public. The campaign works as a reality show to promote Brazil as a tourist destination for the world.

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“Rolê” is a Brazilian expression that loosely translates to “going for a walk”. Going for a “rolê” means to have fun, to make friends, to enjoy life. “This is an international Internet contest to choose a foreigner willing to spend 30 days traveling around Brazil“, explains Embratur’s President, Gilson Machado Neto.

The action will have the support of Brazilian airlines and hotel chains. The estimated production cost is R$ 3 million.



To participate, the applicant must be a native foreign and record a video with up to 1 minute answering the question: what would a 30-day experience in Brazil mean to you? After recording, the participant must upload the video to YouTube and register on the campaign website. Participants should share the campaign video on their social media with hashtag #30DaysInBrazilForFree to confirm their participation and ask their friends to help them for greater visibility. Registration is open until November 20th, 2019, and all nationalities are welcome to enter.

To be chosen, the foreigner will have to fulfil a series of requirements to show they deserve to spend a month in Brazil with everything paid. One of the items evaluated will be the competitor’s video and social networking skills.

“The winner will be filmed from the moment he leaves home in their country. All episodes will be broadcast on social networks and will be available on the site created exclusively for the promotion”, explains Embratur’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Osvaldo Matos.

That’s what you can do in Brazil if you win the cultural contest “The King of Rolê”. You will be treated like a king: The King of Rolê.

Good luck and we see you in Brazil!

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