Brand Embassy becomes a WhatsApp Business solution provider

Brand Embassy, the digital omnichannel platform for contact centers, is now a WhatsApp Business solution provider

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Messaging channels increasingly complement typical customer support via voice, email, and live chat. Companies prioritizing the digital transformation of contact centers utilize an average of 8 channels, a number that is continuously increasing.  Traditional contact centers face an onslaught of new channels for customer communication.

Due to the growing trend of communicating with customers through digital channels and on smart devices, contact centers are pushing for solutions that allow them to communicate with customers on one interface while serving all the new channels.

Our cloud platform is built on advanced technologies and we can respond agilely to market needs. We do this by helping customers with digital transformation and deploying tools and solutions such as the WhatsApp Business API. We are thrilled to be a WhatsApp Business solution provider. Our platform supports over 35 channels and the largest one — WhatsApp — is a necessity,” says Damian Brhel, Co-founder and CTO of Brand Embassy.

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Every year, we are growing twice over, as our solution is used by more and more Fortune 500 customers. Most are telecom operators and banks where perfect customer support is a competitive advantage. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users in 180 countries. Clearly it is a successful communication channel. Companies that want to provide excellent customer care will undoubtedly support it sooner or later, simply because the WhatsApp Business solution for customer care, combined with the Brand Embassy platform, significantly increases agent productivity by reducing operational costs and improving customer experience,” adds Vit Horky, Co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy and author of the book Customer Service in the Transhuman Age.


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