Bouygues Telecom widens Wi-Fi lead over French rivals

The use of the Internet from a mobile terminal, via Wi-Fi at home, is increasingly common. In order to complete the barometer of fixed connections in France, based essentially on tests carried out from a computer, this nPerf study exclusively takes into account tests carried out on domestic Wi-Fi networks, from the nPerf application for mobile terminals. wi-fi france

France is one of the largest telecommunications markets in Europe with a high penetration of mobile and broadband services. The French telecommunications sector is dominated by three major companies: Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

Bouygues Telecom champion of Wi-Fi connections

Bouygues Telecom signs a rather impressive performance, nPerf reports. The operator is #1 in all areas: download speed, upload speed, latency, YouTube streaming and web browsing. However, it is on the speeds that it stands out. While these competitors are all stuck below the 180 Mb/s mark, Bouygues Telecom flies over the downlink speeds with 240.56 Mb/s! The same thing on the upstream speed, the operator is flashed there at 189.67 Mb / s, where the second, Orange, reaches 144.48 Mb / s. On the other hand, on the other KPIs, the operators are quite close.

It should be noted that Bouygues Telecom is performing well, not only because it is imposing itself in all sectors, but it is bettering its own records from last year.

In addition to fiber optics, it would seem that the latest Wi-Fi 6 / 6 E box from Bouygues Telecom gives the operator a considerable advantage.

Free and Orange side by side wi-fi france

While Free obtains the best performance on fixed networks of all technologies and FTTH ( nPerf barometer of fixed connections 2022 ), it is relegated to third place, close behind Orange. Good on the downlink flow, it is penalized on the uplink flow.

SFR hangs on wi-fi france

Although last in our ranking, SFR is not far behind. He has also improved his performance over the year and he does not miss much to shake up the rankings this year.


By introducing user experience tests (streaming and web browsing) into our Wi-Fi measurements, measurements made here exclusively on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), it is interesting to note that the network performance changes compared to the tests carried out through a web browser.

Bouygues’ competing operators, which show comparable results for video streaming and web browsing, stand out mainly for speeds and latency.

Although Bouygues Telecom’s Wi-Fi 6 / 6 E boxes are only one link in the chain, they seem to provide a significant advantage in fixed connections. Indeed, a good Wi-Fi performance is likely to attract everyday users looking for simplicity and ease of use, this could encourage competitors to deploy, on a larger scale, their equivalent range box. wi-fi france






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