most expensive US travel destination

Boston is the most expensive U.S. travel destination, according to new survey

Based on the cost of lodging, Boston is currently the most expensive U.S. city to visit, according to a new survey conducted by Cheaphotels.org.   most expensive US travel destination

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The survey compared 50 destinations based on their October 2021 hotel rates. October is typically the month when average hotel rates in most US cities are their highest for the year. The survey only included centrally-located hotels with 3-star or higher ratings.

Boston hotels are currently charging an average price of $236 for the most affordable double guest rooms in the city. Nashville and Albuquerque follow in the rankings, with average starting rates of $209 and $184, respectively. The least expensive destination for October, meanwhile, is Las Vegas, with average starting rates of $52 per night.

Compared to 2019, hotel rates are, on average, still about 20% more affordable this season, at least in the 50 destinations the survey included. In certain cities, average rates have dropped even lower, such as in Houston (-35%), New York City (-42%) and San Francisco (-46%). However, in destinations such as Boston, Sacramento and Cleveland, rates have climbed higher than pre-Covid rates.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in the U.S. for October 1–31, 2021. Prices shown reflect the average rate for each city’s cheapest available double rooms at hotels rated 3 stars or higher, located within the city center.  most expensive US travel destination

1. Boston $236
2. Nashville $209
3. Albuquerque $184
4. Sacramento $182
5. Cleveland $178
6. Denver $176
7. Austin $174
8. Cincinnati $165
9. Pittsburgh $150
10. Fort Worth $148

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