BondiSuite Announces Partnership with Global1SIM to Profile the First Secured Global eSIM Solution

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Global1SIM is bridging GSM roaming with VoIP services, providing all-in-one solution of hosted PBX, SIM cards / eSIM management and a powerful billing engine. bondisuite esim

They are a leading company in the roaming business since its inception in 2005, providing services to resellers, distributors, companies and retail customers.

An eSIM technology is a GSMA protocol that allows a remote provisioning of a line on your device.

With data and voice plans available literally with a click of a button, eSIM makes Roaming more available than ever.

Compatible eSIM devices has small chip inside the phone that allows you to easily install an eSIM line on your phone by scanning a QR code or manually type the SMDP+ and activation code of your eSIM. In comparison to a traditional SIM card slot, you don’t have to worry about inserting it into your phone any physical SIM or swapping it with other SIMs. The eSIM capability turns your phone into a multiple-line device where you have greater flexibility over to choose between different service provider within a single click of your phone settings.

It’s a pleasure for BondiSuite to be working with Global1Sim. With over 15 years’ experience in the telecoms sector, Global1Sim bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this partnership. As we continue to strengthen our BondiSuite brand we are continually looking for ways in which to expand our product range and the introduction of the eSIM is ideal for our client journey.” – Marco Pissarello, CEO of Bondi Platform Ltd.

For many years, there has been talk of eSIMs being a real game changer for consumers when Apple were the first one to add eSIM technology from iPhone XR model. Since then, the technology has exploded. In addition to Apple standard mobile devices, they embedded eSIM technology in their Series 3 watches since their launch in September 2019 and other wearable device manufacturers adopted it, including Samsung and Google. Although the main role of the SIM itself is not changing, it is a real game changer in the GSM industry which turns a physical chip into an online product. Now the eSIM may be securely downloaded into a “Secure Element” that can be permanently embedded inside any eSIM supported device.

We are excited to have BondiSuite as a partner. With years of experience in the GSM industry, Global1SIM see a great opportunity to combine our innovative eSIM solution with BondiSuite technologies and expert team in the security vertical. We feel it is the right time to design a winning product together and offer data connectivity which is more reliable and secure to meet the market needs.” – Kfir Zaltsman, CTO at Global1SIM. bondisuite esim

The eSIM solution launched on the 9th November 2020.

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