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Batelco first in GCC to power BMW with eSIM technology

BMW Middle East is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and serves 14 countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. The company offers a range of luxury vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars, and provides customers with comprehensive after-sales services through its authorized dealers and service centers. Bahrain’s leading telecom company Batelco, a part of the Beyon Group, has entered into a partnership with auto major BMW to enable eSIM technology for the group’s latest models available in Bahrain. BMW Middle East
The eSIM technology allows a seamless integration between the vehicle and the mobile network, providing the user with connectivity at all times, even if the mobile was left at home.
Users can make calls and access the internet since the eSIM is embedded in the vehicle itself. Moreover, the eSIM is linked directly to the BMW ID of the customer and it can be used in any enabled vehicle across the world.

Batelco and BMW team up to bring eSIM technology to Bahrain and GCC for enhanced in-car connectivity BMW Middle East

Announcing this during a press conference held at Euro motors, the BMW dealership in Bahrain, Batelco said with this it has become the first in Bahrain and GCC, and amongst 9 operators worldwide to enable eSIM technology in BMW vehicles.
With this technology that’s powered by Batelco, customers are able to connect to the internet using their vehicles as another interconnected device, similar to when using a smartwatch or a tablet, it stated.
With Batelco’s connectivity that offers high bandwidth and low latency, customers will benefit from improved call quality and will also be able to activate hotspots for passenger devices in the vehicle, it added.
Aseel Mattar, General Manager Consumer at Batelco said: “We are truly delighted to partner with BMW and provide customers with the best experience of connectivity and performance.”

Batelco and Euro Motors team up with BMW to enhance in-car connectivity in Bahrain and GCC

“We are excited to expand our network to the automotive industry and are extremely proud to be the first in Bahrain and GCC, and amongst the first worldwide to provide such a service. This is another big step toward connected vehicles and will help pave the way for future innovative technology such as IOT and seamless communication between the driver and the vehicle.”
On the partnership, David McGoldrick, General Manager at Euro Motors, said: “We are always eager to provide the very best of technology that BMW has to offer, and with our collaboration with Batelco we will be able to provide our valued customers in Bahrain with the best connectivity experience.”
Batelco postpaid customers who either own, rent or simply have access to an enabled BMW vehicle can activate and on-board easily using the MyBMW app by following the step-by-step instructions. bmw middle east

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