Bite Lithuania to provide Apple MDM service for businesses

Mobile operator Bite Lithuanian has agreed with Apple on a new service for business customers in Lithuania, reports The operator has started providing the Apple Business Manager to help customers manage corporate smartphones and tablets from Apple with Mobile Devices Management (MDM) software.


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“Until now, the Apple service for business has not been officially supported in Lithuania, and it has often become a headwind for companies. We believe that this service will make life easier for companies using Apple equipment. For example, from now on, the company will be able to prepare phones for employees much faster without even unpacking them. It also gives the opportunity to jointly buy all appellations of the company’s employees and automatically manage all the equipment in the company “, – Aurimas Kapočius, head of the company” Bitė Lietuva “for business clients, explains the essence of the service.
Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDMs), which will now be able to manage Apple devices purchased by Bite, allow secure channel access to internal organization systems, remotely install and manage device software, or secure the security of the devices themselves and their information.READ MORE: Apple Maps adds indoor layouts JFK, LaGuardia, LAX, and other major airports

Apple’s business will work with everyone from 2017 onwards. summer of Bite’s company phones or tablets and can be managed through any mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Earlier this year, Bitė introduced another service related to Apple devices. From the end of May, Bite customers can pay for their purchases in the Apple Apple Store App Store and Apple Music, iTunes, and iBooks platforms in a new way – they can add the amount they spend to their monthly mobile service account .

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