Bite Lithuania reports 17% increase in roaming use

This year, Lithuanians even traveled to countries not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Afghanistan, Libya or Syria - according to data from the telecommunications company Bite Lietuva

Some points of interest to Lithuanians are even a few thousand kilometers from their homeland – Papua New Guinea or Madagascar.

“By analyzing our customers’ connections to the mobile network in foreign countries, we can see and present representative information about Lithuanian travel habits. We notice that our countrymen are traveling more and more intensively. This year, in the first 11 months abroad was nearly 600 thousand visitors  and Bite customers, which is 17 percent more than in the same months last year. Of course, neighboring countries Poland, Latvia, then Germany and France are still the most visited. On the other hand, we are seeing a growing popularity of new and further directions. Bitė’s customers are increasingly traveling to the United States or Canada, China and the United Arab Emirates, “says Giedrius Skliutas, Sales Manager at Bite Lietuva.

Travel lists include countries that may seem exotic, but they are also very dangerous because of the turmoil or clashes that take place there. Some of them are not recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite this fact, customer sign-ups are being recorded in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks and armed militant clashes in Libya. Terrorist attacks and abductions of civilians do not deter Lithuanians from traveling to Mali as well, capturing client connections even in war-torn Syria.

At the same time, Lithuanians do not shy away from extremely long journeys. Accessions have been recorded in Argentina, Fiji, South Africa, Madagascar, and even Papua New Guinea.

There are also extraordinary places in the list of countries visited. For example, the Pacific islands of the Cook Islands, with only a few tens of thousands of inhabitants. More than 12 thousand. consumers’ whereabouts are recorded on Norwegian ships, which employ a large number of Bite compatriots.

On the other hand, most private and corporate clients are more conservative and prefer traditional travel directions. Most of Bitė’s customers were in Poland (186 thousand), Latvia (150 thousand), Germany (148 thousand). In addition to these countries, France (88,000), Italy (83,000), the Netherlands (75,000), the United Kingdom (72,000) are the most popular destinations.

According to G. Skliutas, the increasing number of trips and their directions also depend on the development of technologies: “Smart technologies make it easier for us to travel. Being alone in a completely unfamiliar country with one gadget, we can dive the smallest streets as locals. In addition, phones make it much easier to book cheaper airline tickets or find accommodation, which makes traveling even easier. ”

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