Billing Problems Continue to Afflict Plusnet Customers


Several months have now passed since budget broadband ISP Plusnet, which is part of the BT Group, migrated their old billing system to a “brand-new” platform and sadly it appears as if some customers are continuing to report a variety of different problems and bugs.

The provider originally described last September’s upgrade as “one of the biggest projects the company has undertaken … As part of this we’re making some changes to what your bill looks like, and introducing some new features. It should make information about your payments and services much clearer and easier to understand.

Sadly migrations of major database driven systems (email, billing etc.) rarely complete in a trouble free fashion and that was certainly true of Plusnet’s effort. Since then many of the biggest bugs have been resolved but for others the problems appear to be on-going and Plusnet is busy tackling such concerns individually with those affected.


A quick look at the ISP’s Community Forum page for billing/accounts, as well as various Facebook posts, highlights a fair few on-going issues with missing or delayed refunds, incorrect or late bills (e.g. double payments), account pages that don’t work with certain web browsers and rejected payments etc. Metro has also highlighted this.

A Spokesperson for Plusnet said: “We’re aware that a very small number of customers are still experiencing problems from the introduction of our new billing system, and we’re working hard to fix these legacy issues. We’re sorry that this isn’t the service customers have come to expect from us and give our assurance this will be sorted as soon as we can.”

The situation is much improved from last year but it’s clear that not all of the new system’s bugs have been weeded out yet. On the other hand most major ISPs will suffer from at least some sporadic billing problems, often even with an otherwise functional platform.

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