BH Telecom introduces European roaming packages

Bosnian operator BH Telecom has introduced three Travel Europe roaming packages.
The Travel Europe 7 days costs BAM 10 and includes calls, SMS and mobile internet for the value of BAM 10. The Travel Europe 10 days costs BAM 15, while the Travel Europe 30 days costs BAM 30. In all packages, calls are charged BAM 0.60/minute, SMS cost BAM 0.18, and 1 MB of mobile internet is billed BAM 0.015.


Countries / networks that can be used Travel packages are:

Croatia (Tele2, A1 Croatia), Slovenia (Telekom Slovenije), Germany (Vodafone), Austria (A1 Telecom), Italy (Vodafone), Turkey (Turkcell), Switzerland Hungary (Telenor, Vodafone), Albania (Vodafone), Greece (Vodafone), Czech Republic (Vodafone), Sweden (Telenor, Tele2), Spain (Vodafone), Netherlands (Vodafone), Bulgaria (Telenor, A1 Bulgaria) (Vodafone), Denmark (Telenor), Norway (Telenor), Ireland (Vodafone), Estonia (Tele2 Easti), Latvia (Tele2), Lithuania (Tele2), Malta (Vodafone), Portugal (Vodafone) ), Russia (Beeline), Ukraine (Vodafone)

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