Beverage Tech Company Shakes Up The Industry With Launch Of The World’s First Smart Nutrition Bottle

LifeFuels Empowers Consumers To Reach Health and Hydration Goals While Reducing the Need For Single-Use Plastic Bottle

Beverage technology company, LifeFuels, winner of the 2018 CES Innovation Award, announces today the launch of their smart nutrition bottle, designed to empower consumers to adopt healthier hydration and nutrition habits. The three-part system includes: a sleek, smart water bottle, flavorful and nutritious multi-serve FuelPods, and an app that tracks both hydration and nutrition. Leveraging the resources of Series A investor and partner, Keurig Dr. Pepper, LifeFuels is redefining the way consumers drink enhanced beverages by making it easier (and more delicious) than ever to stay healthy and hydrated.

“Our mission is to help people feel their best from the inside out,” said Jonathon Perrelli, CEO and Founder. “Whether you’re an athlete, a health and tech enthusiast, or a busy parent, our innovative hydration system can help you reach your wellness goals on-the-go.”

With the touch of a button or a swipe in the app, users can turn ordinary water into a customized beverage (PRNewsfoto/LifeFuels)packed with flavor and essential vitamins and nutrients. The Bottle, FuelPods, and App seamlessly work together to track hydration and intelligently adapt to a consumer’s activities throughout the day.

From morning to night, our patented dispensing system delivers the nutrients you need when you need them,” said Rob Lawson-Shanks, CTO and Founder. “The Bottle’s state-of-the-art water tracking technology helps you remember to drink more water throughout the day and allows you to track your nutrition intake sip by sip.

The durable 16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml) Bottle features a long-lasting battery life (up to 7 days) and holds three naturally flavored FuelPods that can craft up to 90 customized beverages.

The FuelPods are available in a variety of flavors (including peach, blackberry acai, lemon-lime, and more) that are paired with functional ingredients (such as electrolytes, antioxidants, and natural energy) and can be mixed in multiple ways to provide nutrients on-the-go. The FuelPods can be easily dispensed, eliminating the need to manually scoop, shake and stir to create an enhanced beverage.

The cutting-edge App provides a range of easy-to-use features, such as setting and tracking hydration goals, adjusting the flavor and strength of each beverage, and seeing the levels remaining in each FuelPod.

With sustainability as a key goal for the company, each FuelPod dispenses up to 30 beverages, helping to reduce the need for disposable single-use plastic bottles. FuelPods are also recyclable through the LifeFuels FuelPod send-back program. A polymailer bag with prepaid label is included with every purchase, making it easy for consumers to ship their empty FuelPods to be recycled.

The LifeFuels Starter Pack retails for $179 and includes the Bottle, three FuelPods, carrying lanyard, cleaning brush, and charging cable, and is sold exclusively at

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