Best rated telecom companies

Top Telecoms: Global Gender Equality Leaders

Equileap is the leading organisation providing data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector. The company has evaluated over 3,500 companies worldwide on criteria such as balance in leadership and workforce, compensation, work-life balance, policies promoting gender equality, commitment, transparency, and accountability. Best rated telecom companies

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Gender equality in the workplace seems to be advancing, albeit slowly, with the best-performing company globally achieving a score of 74%, compared with 71% last year.

This year’s data shows that women continue to occupy, for the most part, the lower levels in the workforce, with only 10% of companies having gender-balanced boards and 6% having gender-balanced executive teams.

Overall, a single company stands out in our research by achieving gender balance at all levels: board, executive, senior management, and workforce.
Less than 1% of the companies (29 companies) have no pay gap (i.e., published an overall mean pay gap of less than 3%), and only one company has no pay gap both overall and in its respective pay bands.

58% of companies globally still do not have an anti-sexual harassment policy, which indicates a clear margin for improvement in the post-MeToo era.


Best-rated telecom companies

Telstra (Australia) ranked fifth among all companies globally and first among telecom companies.

Vodafone UK ranked second, Tele2 Sweden ranked third, and Elia Finland ranked fourth among telecom companies globally.

– It is great to see that our long-term commitment to diversity puts us among the leading companies in the world. That being said, we still have a lot of work ahead of us, especially in terms of a balanced workforce in our home market Sweden. Earlier this year, we declared our ambition to achieve a gender-balanced organization in three to four years, says Anders Nilsson, President and CEO, Tele2.

– Tele2 has come a long way in terms of compensation, work-life balance, policies, and transparency. But to achieve a better gender balance, we have launched sixteen initiatives specifically for the Swedish market. A key action has been changing our recruitment processes to find and include more female candidates. At the moment 60 percent of our recruits in Sweden are women, says Karin Svensson, EVP People & Change, Tele2.


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