best mobile network in Europe

Telia Sweden has the best mobile network in Europe

Telia Company has ranked first among European mobile operators with 935 points as the best mobile network in Europe, followed by Vodafone Netherlands with 931 points and Swisscom in third place with 927 points, in a test carried out by the magazine Connect in partnership with Umlaut, previously P3 Communications. 

Telia is once again first

As already said, the winner on points is the Swedish provider Telia, which has top ratings in all three evaluation disciplines. The results are convincing.

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In addition to the very good broadband coverage, there are high download data rates and short latency times. In second place overall, Vodafone Netherlands achieved an even higher score in broadband quality but was beaten by overall winner Telia in terms of data rates.

The largest Swiss provider, Swisscom, achieved an honorable third place. He also earns a few more points than Telia for broadband coverage. In terms of data rates, Swisscom is on par with Vodafone Netherlands. The latencies determined at Swisscom are slightly longer than those of the management duo – although it must be emphasized that the competition takes place at the highest level in the top group.

More than half of the providers achieve the rating “very good”

This also applies to the runners-up: T-Mobile in the Netherlands, A1 in Austria and again Telia – this time in Denmark – rank fourth to sixth in our provider ranking. In addition to surprises such as VIP in North Macedonia, there are also several well-known and proven candidates in other places.

The fact that the quality of mobile communications in Europe can be seen overall is also shown by the fact that out of a total of 94 network operators considered, a proud 53 achieve the rating “very good” according to the quite demanding evaluation scheme defined by Umlaut and Connect. Another 24 providers scored “good”. best mobile network in Europe


Mobile phone comparison: these are the best providers and best mobile networks in Europe

providers Score (broadband / data rates / latency)
1. Telia Sweden 935 (470/276/189)
2. Vodafone Netherlands 931 (474/268/189)
3. Swisscom Switzerland 927 (472/268/186)
4. T-Mobile Netherlands 922 (470/267/185)
5. A1 Austria 920 (460/275/186)


A score of at least 650 (65%) was necessary for the rating “satisfactory”.

and this a worst: providers with a “sufficient” test score

providers score
92. Golan Telecom Israel 649
93. lifecell Ukraine 634
94. Beeline Georgia 554

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