Tutela Study: Best Mobile Experiences in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands

Britain is in 37th place, two behind Germany while Spain's hardly better

Denmark leads the way in Tutela’s new 2021 Global Mobile Experience Report, with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality at 86.16%. Tutela’s Excellent Consistent Quality metric represents how often connections are good enough for demanding applications like 1080p video streaming, HD group video calling, and real-time mobile gaming. best mobile experiences

At an operator level, TDC Denmark had the highest Excellent Consistent Quality at 90.37%, while T-Mobile Netherlands was in second place at 89.7% and Vodafone Netherlands placed fourth at 88.5%.

A new metric to this global report is Tutela’s Video Experience Score, which has been developed to gauge the quality of experience subscribers are getting and how well their expectations are being met while video streaming. At an operator level, SoftBank Japan and Elisa Finland had the highest score at 4.06 out of 5.

Key findings: best mobile experiences

Mobile users in Denmark enjoy the best mobile experience in the world

  • Overall, European and Asian countries, as well as their operators, lead in all the KPIs analyzed in this report, with Europe dominating the list. While Denmark had the highest Excellent Consistent Quality of 86.16%, South Korea in Asia statistically tied with Finland for second place.

Denmark was found to be the global leader in mobile experience with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality result of 86 percent, followed by Finland and South Korea, who tied for second place. Netherlands and Austria were in the top five with scores of 85 percent and 83 percent, respectively. With Switzerland in sixth place, European countries occupied the next five positions too.

However, the G7 European nations ranked badly. Britain came in 37th place, but none of the Big Five European economies performed well with Germany in 25th place, France 26th, Italy 27th and Spain 35th.

Danish operator TDC delivered the best mobile experience in the world, based on Tutela’s Excellent Consistent Quality metric

  • TDC NET in Denmark delivered the best mobile experience in the world, based on Tutela’s Excellent Consistent Quality metric. T-Mobile Netherlands and Telenor Norway were next in the list but Denmark’s subscribers were announced the clear winners with the best mobile experience across the globe. TDC NET completed nationwide 5G deployment in December 2020, while Elisa’s 5G network covered 50% of the population of Finland in over 100 locations.

  • European and Asian operators again took the lead for providing the best overall mobile experience to their subscribers. TDC Denmark placed first with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality of 90.37% while T-Mobile Netherlands stood second at 89.70%.  South Korean operator SKTelecom delivered the best mobile experience in Asia securing a spot in the top five at 87.84%.

SoftBank Japan and Elisa Finland deliver the worlds best mobile video experience

  • European and Asian operators dominated the Video Experience Score category as well. Japanese operator SoftBank and Finnish operator Elisa were clear winners in this category scoring 4.06 out of 5.

Tom Luke, VP at Tutela commented: “With the world recovering from the global pandemic, mobile connectivity matters more now than ever before. Mobile users need to trust that they can get a consistently good mobile experience, whenever and wherever they need it. Download speeds unfortunately do not show us the whole picture, thus Tutela has chosen to showcase operators providing the best mobile experience worldwide through our metric Excellent Consistent Quality, and our newest metric Video Experience. Our congratulations go to TDC Denmark and Softbank Japan for leading the world in these two metrics, respectively.” best mobile experiences

Tutela’s Consistent Quality metric measures the percentage frequency with which a network delivers a performance good enough to create what users in each country would expect. judge a ‘good experience’. It applied this metric to high-requirement applications, namely group video conferencing and gaming, that need speedy uploads and downloads.

The properties of a ‘responsive network’, such as low latency, low packet loss, and long-term reliability (measured by how often it works) were also taken into account to build the ‘complete picture of the mobile experience’, said Tutela.

The full report is available here


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