Best Buy stores are selling Google Fi Sims

The Fi SIMs cost $9.99 each at purchase, but you’ll be credited $10 toward your service within a week of activation

Google has announced through its help forums that Google Fi SIM cards will be available at more than 500 Best Buy stores in the United States. They cost $9.99 apiece but include a $10 credit on a customer’s first bill when they activate a device.

There are some limitations though. For one thing, Best Buy will only be selling talk and text SIMs, as data-only SIMs will still have to be obtained through Google. Best Buy employees also can’t help you set it up; you’re on your own. The SIM cards aren’t available through either, and since they’re only in a limited amount of Best Buy locations, you’ll want to call your local store to see if they have them.


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